Everyone can draw, even if you say you can’t. My friend handed me her drawing the other day, explaining that it’s a stegosaurus with a missing leg.

This is the story of the three-legged stegosaurus.”The reason why the stegosaurus lost its leg is because he tried to climb a tree to get the leaves. He fell and broke his leg. That why he has three legs, instead of four. But he still can do the same things a four-legged stegosaurus can do.”

Children’s imagination can go to many places very quickly. Remember back to a time where playing pretend was a daily task and telling stories of wild adventures sounded close to reality. Let’s bring back that creativity and imagination. It’s not too bad to think like a kid again.

“Children are so creative and imaginative that they just bring you to life all over again.” Quotation from Moira Kelly.